The MIRIT Family –

This story begins in the small town of Sunset Louisiana. Back in my younger days having a large family was normal. On my mother’s side were 13 siblings and on my father’s side there were 9. Skills and knowledge were passed down from the older generation for fixing just about everything. My uncles would build their own homes, fix their own cars, and even help the neighbors out if they needed a hand. The term handyman wasn’t popularly used as it is today, because everyone were taught how to fix it themselves! As I grew older and set off into the world I took the technology route. Innovation and Engineering really fascinated me. So the idea of putting together a team from a family that’s built all their lives, and intergrading todays tool’s and technology, MIRIT Construction LLC was born! Our chemistry and passion is unmatched because we’ve worked together all our lives. Now were using our skills not only for ourselves, but to service our communities.

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